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I have been passionate about the voice since the age of 14 (my debut on stage as a singer). The limitations of classical vocal training though, (only allowing me to sing classical music), prompted me to go study vocals in the USA, where I subsequently stayed for 7 years to sing in various touring bands.


I started teaching and coaching in Switzerland in 2006 and created the Voxpower Vocal Studio in 2009, to respond to the high demand of singers needing help. I am convinced that a vocal technique training must be adapted to each individual rather than systematically applying a « recipe » (technique, approach or exercises) to all; as what might work for some will not necessarily function for others. 


I work with people who use their voice for a living: singers in all genres of contemporary music, speakers, actors, teachers as well as people who have difficulties projecting their speaking voice in everyday life situations.

My work is rooted in a solid vocal, human, musical and artistic experience. 


It includes also pre-recording coaching, studio coaching, vocal expression awareness, co-writing, microphone technique... English pronunciation coaching for non English natives singing in English. I edit and produce vocals as well. 


Also passionate about the fascinating power of breathing on controlling our own mind and health, I teach different kind of breathing techniques.

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