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Lord Campbell

Lead singer / guitar / songwriter


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"Manna has given me a lot of support and many essential keys to singing.

She knew how to give me confidence, to propose me different techniques and my singing evolved a lot thanks to her.


For me, she is part of the success of Silver Dust and I highly recommend her.

She is a gem, an ally and a guide...


Manna, she has that "PLUS" that many others don't have!


Lord Campbell

"With Manna, it's not just a singing class. It's more than that.


It's an awareness, the discovery of an instrument in a body.


Manna gave me the key to discover what, yes, everyone possesses: a unique instrument, which draws its strength not from the demonstration of its vocal power (of which we are unaware) but from its singularity, from its being.


Many thanks to her for her patience, her listening and her teaching. "




Lead singer / multi-instrument / songwriter



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AnnaMaria Cozza

Lead singer / songwriter




"Manna has always known how to find the right words to encourage me to reach into my gut and bring out the love, the rage, the hope, the disappointment... She has taught me to recognize these emotions and give them life, at times by controlling them, at times by letting go.


In one sentence, I would say she taught me to go on a roller coaster...!!!"


AnnaMaria Cozza 

"A great coach...with a lot of patience and kindness, adapting methods to the student's personality.


A lot of pleasure to work with Manna and a visible and fast progress." 


Régis Follonier

Regis Follonier

Lead singer / Keys / songwriter


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Régis/ Wanted's... Manna coach vocal...

Thibaut Martin

Lead singer / Bass / Songwriter


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AnotherOx/Thibaut...Manna Coach vocal ... Manna m’a apporté bien plus que ce que je pouvais imaginer!

 "Manna has given me so much more than I could imagine!


Her approach does not focus only on the voice itself but on the instrument as a whole, on the being!


She gave me a lot of keys allowing me to progress on many levels, at a time when I felt like I was regressing!


Thank you Manna for your patience, your attentive ear and your advice! I've heard it's noticeable! ;) "

Thibaut martin


Other artists will be added soon

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