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For singers. Here we work on the voice in a musical context.

For speakers: Anyone wishing to release and control their spoken voice  

- All voice classes include fundamental work on breathing as the basis of the voice.


- It is however possible to follow more in-depth breathing classes to master different techniques and for health applications.

- Breathing lessons can be individual or in groups of up to 5 persons

-Sessions by group in the forest (silvotherapy) are possible from spring to fall (details to come)

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For everyone. Without yoga postures ;-).

Knowing how to breathe fully and deeply allows you to

  1. Detoxify the body

  2. Increase oxygen in the blood

  3. Increase your vitality

  4. Neutralize stress and anxiety

  5. Improve posture

  6. Manage your emotions

  7. Strengthen the immune system

  8. Improve concentration

  9. Improve sleep

  10. Improve digestion

  11. Strengthen the heart

See article on breathing in the blog

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